Don’t be Scammed

Firstly, I have noticed that most grassroot footballers in Africa are looking for who would take them to Europe to play football for FREE.
Yes, it’s very very possible that you could go abroad to play for free. But then, the chances are extremely slim. Now, I have seen a lot of posts here talking about taking players overseas to play professionally based on just CVs you sent to them… that’s really false. Now, have you ever asked yourself how authentic such is? Do you know how much it would cost to take someone to Europe? My bruva, most of these offers you see that have the tag “FREE”, are never free. 90 out of 100 are cheap scams bruv. My advice to you all is that; you should cut off that thought in your mind that kills your zeal whenever you see a price tag to something you really really want to get, if you do not have the cash at that moment, save up! It never comes for free… that’s not how life works mate. Where I am today, Lord knows I would still be broke and sick if I had this mentality that most of you have. Do not believe people that have said that they would send you to Europe to play football just based of your CV, video or playing experience. That’s a fallacy bruv! No dream comes true for free man, NONE! You have to give something, a sacrifice in order to soar high, most of these sacrifices might even cost you a lot, but then, in the end it’s always worth it. If possible, save up, make your papers, travel out and look for a way to play yourself. If you ask most of the players you look up to that made it from the grassroot, they never got there for FREE. If they had followed that tag, probably they wouldn’t be where they are today, maybe they might have given up on the dream because of how many times they must have fallen for scams. Please, be careful out there. STOP MAKING YOURSELF LOOK THIRSTY JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL PROFESSIONALLY!

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