Football Trails in Limbe Cameroon

Dagost Union Launches a Special Player Recruitment for free agent players to it’s partner teams like @termt sports academy Mamfe, @GH Bafut FC and it’s European partners from January 25 to 29. Best players will be assisted with free visa for part two of the trails in Europe. Our European scouts will be present for this purpose, free agent players should be between the ages of 15 to 30 years old, have a valid ID card and have proof of payment of registeration fee.

Registeration 15 000

Complete equipment ( jerseys, socks, bip) 10000 obligatory

Hotel booking for 7 days 35000 not obligatory. Host town limbe

Account number 1201600378

Account name Dagost Union

UBA bank

Please do mention the names of the player on the payment receipt.

This is just for free agent players, In professional sports like football, a free agent is a player who is eligible to sign with other clubs; i.e., not under contract to any specific team. The term is also used in reference to a player who is under contract at present but who is allowed by the management of his team to solicit offers from other teams. So people see you on the 25th


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