Intern sales manager

Are you looking for work experience? Dagost Union is hiring intern Sale Managers in Yaounde. Position opens in January

-Selling products or services to customers, and representing the brand. This can include asking questions to pinpoint the best offerings, giving demos or presentations, and maintaining customer relationships.
Reaching out to potential leads through a variety of channels, such as email, phone, text, and social media.

-Negotiating with leads and using persuasion techniques to overcome objections and landing deals that are beneficial to the company, while also providing customers with optimal value.

-Submitting and processing orders to ensure customers receive the products or services they request on time.

-Participating in company meetings with sales managers and other sales reps. This usually involves providing a recap of recent results and accomplishments to show they’re hitting their quotas.

Sale Managers Quality

-Strong interpersonal skills. Sales reps need a mix of both verbal communication and listening skills and have the ability to articulate how a product or service works to leads.
Critical thinking skills. They must be able to diagnose a prospect’s problems and quickly come up with relevant solutions for the right price.

-Presentation skills. Product or service demos are often an integral part of this position, and reps must be able to concisely explain the core features and benefits to prospects.

-Negotiation. Sales representatives constantly face objections and concerns from leads and must be well adept at negotiating deals.
Relationship management. They must also be skilled at building, nurturing, and in some cases, sustaining long-term relationships to ensure a positive customer experience.

Any experience is an added advantage

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