Becareful of human traffickers

Make sure you know your travel agent and his history. Our job is full of evil doers. They make unreal promises to keep you tangled. Jobs even in Africa are hard so don’t expect easy money out there. Pay for your services so that you don’t end up being a slave to an agent or employer.
Sometimes people come to us and propose “please Dagost Union, make us travel for free and we will end up repaying you after working.” This is usually without any true guarantee of payment. I strongly advise clients against such proposals, Many Agencies would not hesitate to sell you off to a human buyer who in return will harvest your body parts for commercial purposes. Let me shock you, a kidney cost approximately 130 millions francs cfa ($262000) so you can imagine how much is a heart or liver. So dear clients, working abroad is good but doing so in the best conditions is even better. Follow the right procedures and pay for the services. Contact people you can trust and can connect with you. Let people know exactly what you are getting involved in and much more. Be careful


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