Football across eastern Europe

We DAGOST UNION as an International sports agency
which assists football players with developing their skills,
reach their potential, gain exposure to professionals, and
support them in signing with professional clubs.

Our agency has been registered in CAMEROON in 2020. Since December 2019 till now we have signed african players for different clubs in eastern Europe

We work with partners who arrange football trials for foreign players in Ukraine and beyond.


When the players come to Ukraine they will be trained under the FIFA licensed coach which is working for our partners. Duration of personal training with the coach will take 14-21 days. Players will also play trials matches against Ukrainian
teams. Afterwards, if necessary some of them will be brought to another
professional club for a final trials. If any of club likes them, Contract will be proposed.

During the trials matches other agents, scouts and coaches will be coming to watch players. Those of them who are good will be selected.

Invitation letter fee is are paid for by the player and as usual Invitation letter comes out in 10 working days after the payment has been done.

Accommodation will be approximately $80 to $100 per day. Feeding is included. Accommodation must be paid in one week in advance before arrival in Ukraine.

Clubs we work with:

FC Dinaz (League One)
FC Polissya (League One)
Alliance Group FC (League One)
FC Metalist 1925 (League One)
FC Vorskla (Premier League)
FC Avangard (amateurs)
And others…

There’s hope

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