Noni don sew gang… or na gown

The popular Bamenda based fashion designer Noni white made open his intentions known on recreating one of the designs showcased during the AMVC – African Magic Choice Awards has surprised his fans and supporters with a gang .. or na gown ooo. After presenting his work on his Facebook page he received so much praises from die fans who have not stopped using words like wonderful, beautiful, wow, etc But other fans don’t pick it and point out many difference like in the materials use as Florence Nabi mentioned and Afunfege Evita accompanied many others to say the design flipped as the edges are not in consistence with the original design and Ibinabo Williams suggested using boning to get the desired results. Vutise Tumban or vutise limited as Noni calls him confirms this criticism and Noni was quick to defend himself saying he didn’t have the necessary resources for the job. That leaves us with the question, why does Noni white prefers recreating another person’s design if he doesn’t have the resources. So do we call this design a good Noni white or a failed copy? But we can decide to just laugh and say …..saaaarh my ctry like kyngheavenlyliz fomeche

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