The COVID19 pandemic is the most talked about issue in the world now with over a million people testing positive and more than fifty thousands related death. Everyone is involved in the eradication of this virus. As Bill gates puts it that while we are searching for a treatment, a vaccine is the best solution for long term convenience.

Some French doctors suggested Africa is best for this vaccine test like Pr. Jean Paul Mira head of the reanimation center in L’hopital Cochin even compared it to HIV vaccines tested on prostitutes because they were most suitable for such trails and Pr Camille Lotch suggested this is going to be done by a call for orders and interested States will be chosen for the trials

But there was a backlash from the African community calling this racist and inhumane love like in the words of Samuel Eto’o “son of a bit*h…. You are nothing but shit. Africa is not your playground” on his Instagram account and many others on social media platforms rejected the choice of Africa for this vaccine test but contrary to this, A prominent microbiologist from The Democratic Republic of Congo Dr. Jean Jacques Muyemba calls on the big pharmaceutical companies in the United States or Canada to come to Africa and test these vaccines. In his words “we are candidates for the test”

It is important to note that these test and trials are already ongoing in places like the united states though some experts like Dr. Peter Hotez and other experts warn about some of the effects of accelerated testing. #COVID19

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