Admission Requirements for International Students

1.Application form (available here) .

Application forms are used very frequently used in many sectors. It is usually considered as an interview from a far distant. You have to take it seriously as your admission depends on it and the information you put into it. if you are given the possibility to study with the school, you would have to confirm the information you provided is true. This is entirely your responsibility and you may face certain consequences if the information is not true. To accompany this application form are other documents listed below. Note that those mentioned here are the basics, Some universities may require other documents in addition to these. The application forms provide a regular format with the same questions that must be answered by each person who applies and just a few would be considered. This allows us to compare the applicant’s credentials that are listed in the same order on a form, and from there,  determine how and where to direct every applicant

2- Copies of relevant diploma (translated into Turkish or English),

Diplomas or Certificates are often awarded through community or technical schools. For instance, A high school certificate for undergraduate programs or associate degree programs, A bachelor degree certificate or an attestation to signify completion of the degree program with the objective of applying for a master’s program, as well as a master’s degree certificate or attestation for a doctorate program. It more advantageous if these are gotten from a recognized institution with some credibility. From Africa, some high school certificates are very popular as the high school Advance level from the GCE system practice in the Anglophone system of Cameroon or the Bacaleareat of the former French Colonies like Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, etc as well as the West African Examination Certificate of Nigeria and Ghana. These certificates prove completion of high school and qualification to study in a University. For easier communication, its is preferably translated and notarized into the study Language most likely Turkish or English

3- Copy of transcripts

A transcript is the most important academic record of what a student has accomplished throughout their academic career. It contains a complete record of their courses and grades. Though it defers from countries it’s basically the same document. In the WAEC system, the secondary school provides the transcripts but in certain cases, the scratch card can be accepted to verify the results online. this document must be translated into English or Turkish. University transcripts are mostly the same. These transcripts shouldn’t be replaced by any substitute.

4- Copy of passport

Get a Passport

A passport is usually issued by a home country, that certifies the identity of its holder primarily for the purpose of international travel. Standard passports may contain information such as the holder’s name, place and date of birth, photograph, signature, and other identifying information. Passports are often requested in other circumstances to confirm identification. Without this it’s impossible for a school to admit you. Most importantly, the passport should have more than 6 months to expiration since no embassy issues Visa on a passport about to expire.

5- Clear Passport size photo

In this picture, your face should be clear enough with your two ears visible. It should be preferably in JPEG and not older than 6 months. It should be in color with a uniform background. Photos which do not follow this recommendations may be rejected.

6- motivation letter or letter of intent

This is usually obligatory for PhD applicants. clearly stating the purpose and motivations for the study is very important. Do not forget to brief your educational history and experience, it defines your career path and ease the admission procedure.

7.Language proficiency ,

mostly English Language proficiency since just few schools offer international Education in other languages like Arabic, Russian or French. In a situation where the applicant can prove he has certain experience in the language like studying previously in the said language at least for a semester, this prove may be omitted.

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  1. Thanks for the information.But I don’t have a passport now if I do it this year will it be too late to apply for this scholarship


    1. Hello… It’s not sufficient but getting at least an attestation is not difficult to get once you have completed your studies. Please for more information you can call us by WhatsApp on +905372259895


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